Peace Day 2015

International Day of Prayer for Peace

Peace Day Resources

Peace Day Ideas

Public prayer or celebration. Organize an event including prayer, cultural sharing, music, and art, to interrupt violence in your community, and to get your community talking together and praying for peace, on or near September 21. Plan a public event with people of your own faith tradition, or with people from various backgrounds. Share your concerns together about violence in your community and our world. Share each of your tradition’s teachings about peace. Seeks God’s power together to address the challenges you face. Check out On Earth Peace’s “Tips for Planning a Prayer Vigil,” or "Vigil or Event Planning Process," below.

Kids as Peacemakers

Childrens’ Mural Project. Use On Earth Peace’s Kids as Peacemakers kit (to work with children in your community in the weeks before September 21 to create mural about peace and peacemaking. Display them on September 21 at a public event where you invite the kids with their families to share their visions. Order kit here.

Listening Initiative.  The Anabaptist Network in South Africa used resources from On Earth Peace as a basis to knock on doors in Pietermaritzburg, asking people about their concerns and hopes for the neighborhood. Use a one-day or multiple day-effort to build relationship and collect stories about your neighbor experiences. Afterward, invite them to join in a public peace event.  Review our Listening Initiative resources below.

Organizing Resources

Vigil or Prayer Event Planning Process: Step-by-Step Process

Tips for Planning a Peace Vigil

Listening Initiative: Step-by-Step Process

Listening Initiative: Introduction and Sample Questions

Liturgical Resources
 - Provided for you to use or adapt as you prepare your event!

Praying for Ceasefire - Responsive Prayer

Theological reflection on ceasefire

From Ceasefire to Peacebuilding

Community Responsive Prayer

Two Prayers to Read or Use in Public Events

Sample Peace Pole Dedication Service

Examples from Previous Peace Days

Call to Worship and Prayer for IDPP 2011 (Jerry Crouse)

IDPP 2011 - Prayers for the Peace of the City(Audrey DeCoursey)

IDPP 2010 - Responsive Reading - Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren - Elgin, Illinois (Audrey DeCoursey)

"Shalom" - Sample IDPP Service and Bulletin (Chris Riley)

"Shalom" - Materials and Notes for the Shalom IDPP Service (see above item)  (Chris Riley)

Sample IDPP Service from Manor Church of the Brethren

"Passing of the Pieces" Outline for Activity/Service by Chris Riley (Luray, VA) (Chris Riley)

Dominican Sisters of Peace Prayer Service for IDPP 2011   (Connie Burkholder)